When it comes to kids’ clothing, quality counts. Not only are kids often harder on their clothing than most adults, but children’s clothes-even kids t shirts-also tend to be “handed down” to younger siblings or friends.

But how can you tell a quality kids’ t-shirt from a cheaper version? It’s easy, when you look at a few clues throughout the garment.

You can often judge the quality of a kids’ t-shirt by looking at the stitching. Start by looking at the seam where the sleeve meets the body. The stitching should have a neat, even appearance. Look for any gaps or bunching in the stitching. Either of these indicates inferior quality. Also look for frayed thread or areas where the stitching is coming unraveled.

Next, look at the hem. Is it straight and even across the kids t shirt, or is it slightly wavy or crooked? Turn the hem inside out and examine the stitching. Again, it should have a neat, even appearance.

Finally, move on to the fabric. Whether it’s 100 percent cotton or a blend, a kids t shirt should feel soft against your skin. Run your hand along the inside of the shirt. Is the fabric smooth and even-or are there “slubs” that could irritate a youngster’s skin? Does the fabric retain its shape? Is it substantial enough to hold up to frequent laundering?

Quality kids t shirts are easy to find-if you know what to look for and are willing to go get them. We hope these tips help.

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